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Ride to Zero

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Chapter 40-1 (a 501 (c)(19)) of the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association, in conjunction with the University of Utah's National Center for Veteran Studies (NCVS), announce the third annual Ride to Zero.

Over 20 veterans take their own life each day. As veterans, we couldn’t just stand by and let that happen while we have the means to help. Our goal is to make that number ZERO. All proceeds from Ride to Zero will go to further research and sponsor treatment for veterans through the NCVS.

The National Center for Veteran Studies has the premiere program in the United States for at-risk veterans. With a proven 60% reduction in suicide attempts among military personnel who go through the program, it's the first and only intervention proven to prevent suicidal behavior among military personnel and veterans. The NCVS is also a national leader in the development and implementation of new methods for detecting and reaching out to at-risk military personnel and veterans who would otherwise be missed by existing prevention efforts.